Friday, August 27, 2010

organizing our space

Busy around here
organizing our space
and gearing up for the new school year.

I assembled five bookcases yesterday, and now I'm off to bolt them to the walls and fill them with beautiful books.
Then to rearrange the furniture on the main floor, clear out the post-flood basement mess, and fix up that space as well.

We met a bunch of friends for Friday park day, and then the rain came.  The clouds are hovering overhead, rain is falling, the kids are playing at friends' houses, Sarah is snuggled on the couch watching Pride and Predjudice in her ballet costume, and I'm happily busy with my house projects.
A good Friday indeed.

Latest inspiration:  Swedish cottage decor, wall-to-wall bookshelves, and clean uncluttered light spaces.
(images from i suwannee)
(images by willow decor)

And a little bit of country french:

(collage by stephmodo with images from Country French)


Katie said...

now you see my love of light and white! Swedish cottage, this was so AMAZING to witness in PERSON when we lived in Sweden. Been dying to live IN a Swedish cottage every since. I need a little color in the way of artwork on the walls, but the white, the well organized spaces, the "breathing room" with few nick naks, it is my heaven. Lets talk Swedish cottage ANY TIME!

Tami said...

I love the bookcases behind the curtains. When we finish the basement, I have to figure out how to organize all my bookshelves. Thanks for sharing the great idea!

Amy said...

You're a bookshelf assembling genius! I only buy furniture in the discount area of Ikea because it's already assembled! Just reading the instructions for assembly gives me a headache, let alone pounding in all those metal fittings. You're my hero in so many ways! You definitely have a gift in working with your hands creating and beautifying so seemlessly! Thanks for the inspiration!

Brandi said...

I agree Tricia. You are great at assembling stuff. I dread it, and so does Brian so mostly boxes of furniture sit, collecting dust until Brian is in the right mood to assemble. I've got 2 in the house right now, must waiting. haha! I love that pic on the top right, where the bookcases even go over the door frame. I know someone who has that in their family room. From the moment I saw it, I thought it was amazing. I would love that much storage! I'm feeling like organizing, and re-decorating myself, but my energy is BLAH. I've got to get going. This is the time. :)