Friday, January 6, 2012

toys, un-toys, and purging

I snapped this picture of Hannah's corner of the couch during our school time yesterday.
Four different craft projects and a math book.
So much going at once!
Like mother, like daughter...

Today's cleaning day.
We need to do a big purge, and de-junk this place.
Our Christmas decor is finally all boxed up.
And the house feels empty.
It makes me want to clean.
The kids' rooms (ahem...and mine) are in disarray.
So are the closets and bookcases and baskets.
So much fun holiday partying leaves little time for organizing and cleaning!

I've been thinking a lot about Kyrie's un-toys post, available here.  I love it.
And I read this fantastic article in December.
Such a great reminder that kids don't need a crazy assortment of plastic junk toys 
to fill up space in our homes and in their lives.

My kids' favorite toys (or un-toys) are the great outdoors, books, craft supplies, and odds and ends for making stuff.
And that's pretty much all we need.
Plus some wooden blocks, a few dolls, and a small play kitchen with some little dishes.
Oh, and legos and balls for the boys, of course.
I find that they are more creative with their play, when they have less to dictate that play.
And with lots of free time during the day, they are really good at thinking up things to do.
I also believe that unscripted toys are best for childrens' imaginations.  Toys that talk or have directions come with limited use, and also limit the child's opportunity to create his own play.  Dolls, fabric, building materials, craft supplies, etc. are all unscripted and can be used in so many ways, according to a child's imagination.  

So, off I go with my big black garbage sack
to gather up toys to be donated and tossed out!
I'm hoping to take some time this weekend to sort through the other clutter in my life as well.
The clutter in my schedule, in my mind, and in my soul.
This article is fantastic.  The principles in it have helped me so much over the years.  
There's more about this in her book as well.  It's excellent!

Lots to think about as we enter a new year.
But what keeps coming back to me is

Hope you all have a simply lovely weekend!

And we'll see you back here next week with photos of the girls' Christmas sweaters and some knitting links.  Fun!!  


Tami said...

I have been cleaning for the past two weeks. I finished my office, which is really a craft room last night, to decide to rearrange it and reclean it today. :-) Have fun cleaning. It is so therapeutic.

Alpha Blonde said...

I love that you touched on the toy subject, I am usually met with a quizzical look when I say that I'd love my children to have a minimal amount of 'plastic' type of toys that they stop playing with after a couple of months..
there is nothing like sparking some creativity in your child with crafts. I won't allow people to buy them junk! lol Have a great weekend!

Lori Cartwright said...

You were right. The article is fantastic! It was just what I needed as I work on organizing my new year. I blogged about it, too.

Your blog is also just what I need. Your posts remind me of what is important in my life and what makes me and my family happy. I think you've even inspired me to start knitting again.

Love from Lori C.

kyli olise said...

I just found your blog, and I had to decide if it was something that completely motivated me, or threw me in to the depths of despair! I am 16 weeks pregnant with my fourth baby and have not left the couch in that long! I have just started to feel well again, and the task of digging out of life and getting it back on track has seemed so daunting! Your blog has inspired me and reminded me of how truly wonderful and delicious life is when we savor the simple, beautiful things daily.

Brandi said...

Tricia, my new years resolution is SIMPLIFY! I've yet to figure out how to apply it. I'm going to read the articles you suggested. Thank you. I find it hard to give up the things I love, and have realized that I love many things, people, ideas, etc. And yet there seem to be so many things I must do (clean, feed, nurture, etc.). I think it will be my lifetime battle, but I'm determined to get a hold on it this year, and one of the first areas that needs work is simplifying our belongings. So I'm anxious to get started on that, and praying for the strength to be brutal. It's going to be hard. Thanks for some inspiration sister. :)