Thursday, July 26, 2012

a couple of weeks to go and a little homeless

Hello everyone!  Thanks for your sweet emails and comments.
Everything is fine...I apologize for my long, unannounced hiatus from this blog.  

We have some big things going on around here.
Crazy things, really.
Care to see what we've been up to?
Here's a peek...

this is my house.  Currently all gutted out and under major renovation.
We worked with an architect on plans for a remodel/addition all winter.  When we got to a design that felt right, we pulled the trigger. 
Three weeks ago, we packed up and moved everything into the garage...books, furniture, kitchen goods...EVERYTHING!
We put a few important things into the back of the suburban, and drove 35 miles south to move into my mom's basement.  She's a saint to let us all come and stay for a while!

With the countdown at only six weeks until my due date, this was a brash decision...but our house was falling apart and we really wanted to fix it up and add onto it for a bit more room.  So we decided to gut it out, get out of the way, and hire someone to make it amazing.  

My friends say I'm taking nesting to a whole new level...

Speaking of nesting, I had washed the newborn clothes and blankets, sewn and washed loads of cloth diaper inserts, and packed them all in a big box labeled "newborn," to be found and opened when our little girl arrives.  I also made sure to bring a packed diaper bag to my mom's, all loaded up with things I'll need for the first few days after the birth.

The plan is to be back in the house around my due date, but we're not holding our breath...   

To my dear mother's house, I brought lots of half-finished knitting projects, felt for booties, fabric for blankets and burp cloths, and other things to work on while away from the house, 

...who knew this house remodel project would be a full-time job!
We found a fantastic general contractor...but wow!  Between selecting granite and tile and light fixtures and door jambs and toilets, etc., and figuring out exactly where I want the sinks and refrigerator and stove and accent walls and lights...whew!  I have been super busy!!
(photo above taken by Romney with my phone, while I was ordering people around, big belly and all :)

Here's what used to be the kitchen...oh my.  What a mess!

We're putting a new bedroom in the basement, where the old kitchen was.  Sam will have his own space, and he couldn't be more thrilled!  We're also expanding the boys' basement bathroom, making it much more roomy for three growing boys.

And I get a new master bathroom!!  Woohoooo!!!  Including a free-standing pedestal tub, in a new niche with an arch and a window looking out over the backyard.  It's completely amazing what a little wall-rearranging can do for a space!

Here's another view...doesn't look like much, but just you wait!  It will be dreamy! gorgeous paneled office in progress for Brandon, with built-in wall to wall shelving and a custom made desk.
We're bumping out the front entry, so visitors don't run right into the stairway when they step into the house.

Adding new windows on both sides of the fireplace.  They look awesome!  And what a difference natural light makes in a room!

Footing for the back addition...we're enclosing the patio, making a new mudroom and laundry/craft room.  It was framed today, and looks fabulous.  I'm so excited!

It has been so thrilling to see raw, exposed materials everywhere, and to watch this amazing house  transformation.  But there have also been many moments of sheer exhaustion and frustration.  It has been humbling to see the amount of work involved in a project like this.  We feel so thankful to be able to make our house a beautiful and welcoming place for our family and for all who enter it...we're so excited!  

Now, if I can just get these contractions to stop while the hubby is out of town for a week.  Let's all pray that this little girl waits for daddy to be here to help welcome her into the world!  (really...prayers, please!)  2 1/2 weeks until my due date...hope she hangs on for a little while longer!

Meanwhile...check back here soon for more house pictures.
It's looking great...can't wait to show you!


chris said...

Oh my goodness! After having just finished building our own house, I can't imagine doing so pregnant. It sounds like a wonderful place to raise your growing family. My babies all came a couple weeks early, I'll be praying Little Miss stays put for you a bit longer. :)

Tami said...

Wow! You do take nesting to a whole new level. It will be amazing! Everything you touch turns out that way. Prayers that it moves quickly and smoothly and most importantly, prayers your way for the safe arrival of your new baby! Hugs!

Brandi said...

Wow Tricia! I didn't know this had begun already and included the whole house! I thought it was just the kitchen and back expansion part. My gosh!! Is it really supposed to be done by your due date? That's amazing! You are awesome you are strong enough to take this on during this time. I'm so impressed. Could the boys volleyball thing have come at a worse time or what. For both you and Mandy. Yikes. Rest up. Don't put yourself into labor now. Luv ya!

Joy said...

I can't wait to see the finished product! (house and baby!) Good luck..and many prayers :)

Camilla said...

I just can't imagine how your home could be getting more beautiful...seriously, I visit your blog when I need house inspiration (and lots of other inspiration too!). I can't wait to see your house, and your sweet little baby girl! Good luck with everything!

~ Kim ~ said...

I'm sure baby will be staying put until her daddy is home. I hope the reno's turnn out great. It is all very exciting. I can't wait to see how it all turns out. Blessings to you and your family.

Erin said...

I had not even imagined that your re-model was actually this!! I really hope things are going well - I emailed you, but who might be having that baby!! Love you!

lynne said...

Oh my! That is SO exciting!!! Can't wait to see the end result!!!! And good luck with the little newborn. How wonderful. What a happy child to be born into your family.

Best wishes with all of your excitement!! Hang in there!